Herein is a partial list of holidays and commemorative events in the yearly Mandrake calendar.

  • 1st January : Harbinger Day - the first day of the new year. Family members and vassals gather together to write the sins of the past year on slips of paper and cast them into a winter bonfire. It is a day for mingling and sharing good food and drink out of doors, with a blind eye turned to any minor social transgressions that occur. It is however considered very bad form to try to read another's sins.
  • 23rd January : Midwinter Feast - a great feast commemorating the heroic life and death of the hero Belvidere de'Mandrake, who slew the Great Wyrm Alcidibaedes. Weapons and armour are traditionally presented at this time to any squires completing their terms to be raised to knighthood, and robes to healers finishing their apprenticeships.
  • 18th-22 February : Courtship Holiday - largely believed to have been begun by Mandrakes tired of being snowed in for a prolonged period of time. Married and courting couples will change partners in order to re-enact scenes from their courtships for the rest of the family. Something like a cross between charades and Whose Line Is It Anyway.
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