Micah is Rachel's younger brother by 4 years, making him just 12. He is employed as a runner at the hospital in Amber, as a gesture of kindness by Lucretia to the boy's family. He has not yet begun to notice girls, and has none of his older sister's idealism; he enjoys working at the hospital most of the time, but hates being there at night because he thinks it's 'creepy'. He thinks girls are silly and likes to draw. More than anything, he wants to learn how to fight with a sword, but his mother's made him go work for the hospital in part to try to get him to see the damage swords do.

Thus far, it hasn't worked; Micah has no more desire to be a doctor than he ever did, and secretly has the ambition of being allowed to join the Knights one day. Of course, he's 12; tomorrow, he might want to join the Navy. He is restless, impatient, a little bit rambunctious, and very cheerful.

Micah may be used as a runner in and around the hospital freely. Major details (threats, injuries, especially) should be noted here. Anything involving killing or kidnapping Micah should first gain propco approval.

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