Rachel was a sunny, optimistic, idealistic girl of about sixteen. She hero-worshipped Lucretia to a degree that even Lucy found embarrassing, and her greatest desire was to be able to give up her life so someone else may live. Lucy intended to keep Rachel alive long enough to grow out of this extreme idealism, possibly the one thing over which Rachel would pout or argue with her heroine.

Rachel was the middle child of twelve. She was from a backwater shadow called Bell, which has a form of ancestor worship and twice-annual Luck festivals at which weddings are performed; including some hand-selected pairings made by the priests. Rachel wanted more than anything to get Lucy to attend, as she was confident that the priests will make a match for Lucy. (This may be exactly why Lucy has never attended.)

Rachel had been present on several important missions, and tried very hard to be permitted to throw her life away in order to wake up the old River God. She always resented it, albeit quietly, that she was not permitted to and that Lucretia took the danger on herself instead.

Rachel attended the teaching hospital set up by Lucy in her home shadow from the ages of 12 to 16, at which time her mother - a baker - sent word to Lucy asking Lucy to take her on. She was skilled in basic herbcraft and simple medicine and first aid, was naive, cheerful, and hopelessly optimistic. It's almost miraculous that bluebirds did not appear to begin singing when she skipped across a meadow - which Rachel was entirely prone to doing.

Rachel was assassinated on RL date 10 June 2008, her throat slit from behind. Her body was found in the room she rented at a boarding house not far from the hospital. Her diary has yet to be found.

People wanting IC knowledge of this should check with Lucretia.

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